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As a seasoned Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, which includes working with MTN Irancell, LG, Aparat, Filimo, LINE, and Cinematicket I possess the expertise to identify growth opportunities that drive bottom-line profits. My background in project management and budget control enables me to effectively manage complex initiatives. I am adept at deploying consumer insights and driving digital transformation, resulting in proven success in establishing market presence and differentiation with core competencies. Through my extensive experience, I have developed a strong understanding of the industry and the ability to deliver results in a fast-paced and highly competitive environment.

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Mehrdad Oliaee on Aparat Game's Latest Update: Streamlining User Experience
Aparat Game Enhances User Experience with New Features and Game Categorization

By: Vigiato

Mehrdad Oliaee, director of Aparat Game, said in an interview with Vigiato about the changes made in this update: "In this update, the taste of users interested in watching streams and the ease of following their favorite streamers has been directly targeted. In sections like recommended lives, the taste of the viewer to follow a specific streamer or a specific game genre, arrangement, and placement of content on the display screen has been considered. New Aparat Game design shows whether your favorite streamer is online or not. On the other hand, the list of games includes all titles in the industry from past to present, and not only can the audience see all the streams related to each game separately, but also uploaded gameplay from that game will be categorized into the relevant category."

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Mehrdad Oliaee and other gaming industry experts participate in Elcomp exhibition panel on navigating challenges in the gaming space
Navigating the Challenges of the Gaming Industry: Insights from Mehrdad Oliaee and Streamer Panel at Elcomp Exhibition

By: BaziChi

Mehrdad Oliaee, the manager of Aparat Game, will be joining a discussion panel of streamers at the Elcomp exhibition to delve into the challenges faced by the gaming industry. The panel aims to address the common problems encountered by gaming streamers and explore effective strategies to overcome them. With Mehrdad Oliaee's extensive experience in the gaming industry, the panel promises to be a valuable opportunity to gain insights and practical knowledge on thriving in the gaming space.

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